Lowell Spinners

Spinners bring back Scout night sleepovers.

The Lowell Spinners are bring back the Scout Night sleepovers in 2010. Come down to LeLacheur Park for another opportunity to spend the night at our house! Back by popular demand is the Scout Night Sleepover party, and the Spinners have dedicated two nights in honor of the Boys and Girl Scouts of New England.

Sleep overs at the ballpark will be held on July 17th and Saturday August 21st. In the event of rain on one or both of those dates, the make up date will be on Saturday, August 28, 2010. Only 750 tickets will be sold, and all campers are required to bring their own tents and other camping gear.  There is no minimum number of campers required and everybody is welcome to participate.

The prices are $34.00 per camper for a premium box seat, $33.00 per camper for a box seat, or $30.00 per camper for a reserved bleacher seat. First come, first served.

Each participating camper receives:

  • Ticket to the game
  • Official Lowell Spinners Scout Night Patch
  • Pre-game recognition on the field
  • Food voucher for a hot dog, soda and chips to be used during the game
  • Complimentary breakfast the following morning

Other activities include:

  • Playing catch on the field under the lights
  • Feature presentation TBD on our state-of-the art video board

Please contact Jon Healy at (978) 459-1702 for further information or to book a scout night.