Lowell Women's Week

Women's Week celebrates the accomplishments of women.

Lowell Women’s Week will be held February 27 – March 8, 2011

Lowell, MA Each year, the city of Lowell, Massachusetts hosts its annual Lowell Women’s Week, a series of events designed to honor and celebrate women. Dozens of different organizations within the community contribute to an array of discussions, lectures, and exhibits to commemorate the lives of women and girls in the Greater Lowell area. Since its inception in March 1992, Lowell Women’s Week has expanded considerably. Though this celebration began with only 18 events, in 2011 over 40 events are scheduled to take place between February 28 and March 8.

In 2011, the women of Lowell and its surrounding cities are invited to participate in a variety of activities, including motivating discussions, informative presentations, film screenings, and luncheons. This city-wide celebration kicks off with the annual Lowell Women’s Week Breakfast Celebration. This event is open to all, though tickets must be purchased in advance. At this breakfast, women can enjoy a delicious meal, and also meet some of the inspiring and compassionate women who help organize Lowell Women’s Week.

Later in the week, the public is also invited to attend the annual STEM luncheon, hosted by Middlesex Community College. This luncheon will feature a panel of women from local colleges who are studying Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. They will share the experiences and triumphs of being a woman in one of these challenging fields. Also, all are invited to attend the third annual Saints Celebrates Women event, hosted by Saints Medical Center. Wine, chocolate, and cheese will be served at this event, and it will feature a spring fashion show and complimentary chair massages.

There are many other exciting activities scheduled to take place throughout the week, including fitness yoga sponsored by Girls Incorporated, and collaborative quilting hosted by the New England Quilt Museum.

In addition, there are several film screenings offered throughout the week, including “All About Eve”, a film starring Lowell native Bette Davis. Many interesting discussions and lectures will be also offered. Planned lectures include “Treat Your Feet”, “Taking Care of Your Parents”, and “Braided Streams: Women of Faith Speak.” With so many fun and exciting events scheduled to take place, the 2011 Lowell Women’s Week is guaranteed to be an enriching experience for all.