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September 23, 2017
Open to the public
Various Locations
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What is a Kinetic Sculpture and Race?
Kinetic Sculptures are all-terrain human-powered art sculptures engineered to race over road, water, mud and sand. Kinetic sculptures are amazing works of art; many are animated with moving parts like blinking eyes, opening mouths, heads that move side to side and up and down. These machines of art are usually made from what some people consider “junk” or better put, recycled materials. The Lowell race is approximately a 10 mile course with several miles of paved roads, a cobblestone street, the Maddening Mud Pit and a plunge into the Merrimack River in which the vehicles will be floating and navigating to the next section of the race.

Each kinetic team has a theme and consist of pilots, pit crew and support crew. Kinetic pilots pedal the sculpture and steer, the pit crew assists the pilots in transforming the vehicle for the various elements and fixing mechanical issues, and support crew, well, they do whatever is needed for the team to get glory. Spectators are encouraged to either watch from the sidelines or follow the race on their bikes. Seeing these STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) oriented creations can , can inspire young and old alike to create, build and work together with their hands can remind how much fun riding your bike can be and the wealth of recycled materials that are all around us.

Schedule of Events 8AM – 4PM
(Market Street – near the intersection of Palmer St.)
One block of Market Street will be open to only pedestrian & bike traffic and packed with not only the START and FINISH of the race, but live music, activities, local personalities, and the family fun zone all day.

8AM – 10:30AM
(Market Street)
Meet the Machines
See the sculptures and meet the racers.

(Market Street)
LKSR Opening Ceremonies

(Market Street)
The Official START of the 2017 Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race
Machines head from the start line for an immediate loop down
‘Bone-Shaker Alley’ (Middle Street)
shuttle services begins to the other venues – or ride your bike!

(near the Tsongas Arena rotary)
Racers tackle the Maddening Mud Pit

12PM – 4PM
(DCR Lowell Heritage State Park,
VFW Highway, across from Heritage Farm Ice Cream)
Outdoor activities, Lawn Games, Food Trucks & Live Music

(DCR Lowell Heritage State Park)
Sculptures sink or swim as they enter the
Merrimack River Water Obstacle
The survivors race back to Market Street for the dramatic finish.

2PM – 4PM
(Market Street)
The spectacular FINISH of the 2017 Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race

Where should I park?
We encourage our spectators to bring your bikes and follow the race! Parking is available in several parking garages and on-street in the downtown area near the Market Street START/FINISH line. There is a parking garage and on-street parking near the Maddening Mud Pit (next to the Tsongas Center), and the Lowell Heritage Farm Ice Cream lot across the street from DCR Lowell Heritage State Park for the Water Obstacle.

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