Bellegarde Boathouse

The UMass Lowell Bellegarde Boathouse in Lowell, Massachusetts serves the needs of rowers and others who spend time on the Merrimack River from cities and towns across the Merrimack Valley. The Boathouse is located in Lowell Heritage State Park, and it was originally built in 1982. The Boathouse was named after Edmund A. Bellegarde who was a Lowell resident and loved to sail.

Today, Bellegarde Boathouse is home to the public, non-profit Merrimack River Rowing Association rowing club. In addition, the UMass Lowell crew teams as well as the Lowell High School crew teams make the Boathouse their home clubhouse, which houses locker rooms, rest rooms, storage, training equipment, meeting space, and other facilities for boaters and rowers.

At the end of 2007, UMass Lowell received $1 million from the State of Massachusetts for repair and renovation of the Boathouse. The funding was used to repair many exterior fixtures and features including the windows, doors, gutters, trim, siding, bathrooms, boat docks, signs, and systems to prevent flooding. In late 2009, the Boathouse was open and being used by the public.

Rowing and boating lessons can be arranged at the Boathouse. The Bellegarde Boathouse has played host to boat races and regattas.

UMass Lowell Bellegarde Boathouse Address

Pawtucket Boulevard
Route 113
Lowell, Massachusetts