There are tons of ways to get exposure to your targeted exposure to your product on the Internet, but with the advent of the social web, the opportunities have simply magnified. Seven years ago marketing was different on the World Wide Web, was not as easy as it is today. Are you looking to tap into your target market, then Twitter happens to be a part of this social revolution that is turning out to be a huge success amongst internet marketers. A micro blogging service like Twitter, not only helps you get direct exposure for your product or service, but allows you to connect with prospects and build a relationship with them.

Do you like to Tweet: Build your reputation by posting interesting tweets. If there are a number of people following you, then you don’t want that number to go down, you want it to grow. On Twitter its really easy to follow and unfollow as well as lose followers. Making sure you’re not random on your niche, with keep your eye on the target in your Tweet. Your followers should never feel that they aren’t getting any value from you, so put in the effort to make each tweet interesting.

Looking for Top Keywords: A tool like can be used to search for top keywords to know what you should write about. A lot of these keywords will be the trend of the season, so if you can write about that, you should be able to attract a lot more responses from your followers. But don’t deviate from your niche topic; keep your tweets as related to it as possible so that your followers get the kind of content they’re looking for.

It pays to spy on the competition in your niche in order for you to have a better idea of what’s being promoted and the response to those promotions. You will then have a better idea of how to better serve your own followers giving them more value. In a way you are only giving your own followers a richer experience by looking at your own competition.

We can see that no matter the size of Twitter, it will always help you reach out to your connections in the best possible way. The way for a business to build strong relationships with their audience is to utilize Twitter.