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Lowell General Hospital support group.

Lowell General Hospital support group for caregivers takes place the second Monday each month

The Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital hosts “Caring for a Loved One”,  a support group for caregivers to help them cope with the stress involved in providing care to a loved one while attending to all the other family demands.  How does one “step up to the plate,” attend to all the family demands and not lose oneself?  We’ll talk about this and other related issues.

This meeting takes place on the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30pm (In September it will move to the 2nd Tuesday).  For questions or to register please call Cammie Caron at 978-937-6129.

Lowell General Hospital is located at 295 Varnum Ave. in Lowell, Massachusetts.  For more information about this support group and other Hospital support groups, please visit the LGH Website.