UMass Lowell in Lowell, Massachusetts.

University of Massachusetts Lowell, referred to by most as UMass Lowell, is a large, public university with highly acclaimed science, engineering, and technology programs. UMass Lowell offers its 17,000+ enrolled students a wide variety of academic programs in the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Management, the School of Health and Environment, and the Graduate School of Education.

UMass Lowell offers over 120 degree choices, internships, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral programs in many academic disciplines. The College is competitive and offers opportunities for students to live on campus or to commute.

According to the University’s promotional materials, “UMass Lowell delivers high-quality educational programs, vigorous hands-on learning and personal attention from leading faculty and staff, all of which prepare graduates to be ready for work, for life and for all the world offers.

History of UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell’s history is traced back to two schools which were founded in Lowell around the same time, but had different objectives. The Lowell Normal School was originally founded in 1894 to prepare students to become teachers, and the Lowell Textile School was founded in 1895 to train technicians and managers for work in Lowell’s booming textile industry. Over the course of the next 75 years, both institutions grew and began offering a wider variety of programs to keep up with changing times, and they each underwent a name change – becoming Lowell State and Lowell Tech. In 1975, the two schools merged to form the University of Lowell, and in 1991, the campus became part of the University of Massachusetts system.

UMass Lowell Mission

According to the UMass Lowell websitethe mission of the University of Massachusetts Lowell is to enhance the intellectual, personal and cultural development of its students through excellent, affordable educational programs. The University seeks to meet the needs of the Commonwealth today and into the future and supports the development of sustainable technologies and communities through its teaching, research, scholarship and engagement.

UMass Lowell River Hawks Athletics

UMass Lowell sports teams are known as the River Hawks because of the close proximity to the Merrimack River. Their athletics department has a history of high performance in their respective leagues and in the NCAA. The men’s and women’s sports teams compete in NCAA Division II, with the exception of men’s ice hockey team, which competes in Division I and the competitive Hockey East conference.

Center for Lowell History

UMass Lowell is home to the Center for Lowell History. The Center was created in 1971 to assure the preservation and availability for study and research of historic materials related to the Greater Lowell Area and the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The Center for Lowell History is located in downtown Lowell in the Patrick J. Mogan Cultural Center.