Merrimack River Clean River Project

Clean River Project helps the Merrimack River.

The Clean River Project is a non-profit organization based in Lowell, Massachusetts with a mission to clean and protect the Merrimack River from pollution, trash, and other illegal dumping. The Merrimack River runs from northern New Hampshire and flows for 110 miles, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The organization was originally founded in 2005, and members participate in a variety of clean-up events and fundraisers held throughout the year and supported by volunteers and contributors. By removing pollution from the riverbanks and water, Clean River Project hopes to improve the quality of our water and promote a safer, cleaner, waterway for all to enjoy. An estimated 300,000 people rely on the Merrimack for their drinking water, and it’s critical that the River stays clean.

In 2010, Rocky Morrison and the Clean River Project were nominated as Enterprise Bank’s, 2010 Celebration of Excellence, “Non-profit of the Year,” a prestigious award given to a local non-profit organization. The Clean River Project is always looking for volunteers and contributions to help protect the Merrimack River.

Clean River Project Contacts

Clean River Project
Phone: (978) 590-9374