Middlesex Community College’s Corporate and Community Education & Training Program offers a variety of noncredit computer applications courses for those interested in careers as personal computer applications specialists. Courses begin Feb. 4 on the Bedford and Lowell campuses.

Courses include:

Practical Computers­ – An Intro to PCs and Windows (TEC 602 30) – This course is an introduction to the computer and computer applications via lecture and hands-on activities. Students will gain an understanding of computer hardware, software and networks. Topics covered include, using Microsoft Windows for running programs, creating folders, and managing files. Students will also learn the basics of programs, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

Computer Applications Certificate (TEC 618 30) – This course is for students who want to work in businesses that use, or want to use, microcomputer word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and database software packages. Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access are thoroughly explored in this program.

MS Excel 2013 Beginning/Intermediate (TEC 703 80) – This comprehensive course provides the in-depth, hands-on instruction needed to work with Microsoft Excel 2013. Students will learn the fundamentals of creating workbooks; performing calculations; using built-in formulas; formatting worksheets; combining, sorting and summarizing data; working with charts; and printing.

MS Excel 2013 Advanced (TE 704 80) – This course provides an overview of the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Excel 2013. Topics covered include, performing calculations across multiple worksheets; built-in functions including V-lookup, PMT; using What-if Analysis; analyzing data with PivotTables; automating repetitive tasks with macro; troubleshooting with auditing; and protecting the workbook.

To learn more about these or other Corporate and Community Education & Training programs at Middlesex, contact Mary Wheeler at wheelerm@middlesex.mass.edu or 781-280-3680.