Cultural Organization of Lowell

COOL provides assistance to arts & cultural organizations.

The Cultural Organization of Lowell, commonly known by the acronym “COOL” was first established in 2001 as Lowell’s arts and cultural advocacy organization. The city-sponsored organization has been helpful to many non-profit groups in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts.

COOL was established to provide assistance to the various arts and cultural organizations in Lowell, in order to promote and support their activites to have the greatest impact on the Lowell community. The organization offers financial support to help with events, and they also provide leadership to organizations in need. If there’s an event in Lowell, it’s very likely that COOL is involved.

The mission of COOL is to:

  • Help create a high quality cultural environment that offers appealing experiences to the city’s diverse population and which encourages people to participate in making, presenting, and preserving the culture of their community;
  • Advocate for visual artists, performing artists, humanists, and those who interpret science, as well as cultural organizations and institutions, audiences, volunteers and patrons;
  • Act as a liaison to businesses, schools, foundations, media and government;
  • Provide a forum for coordination of cultural activity, including networking of resources and production of promotional materials;
  • Offer technical assistance on cultural matters to individuals and organizations;
  • Support the administrative responsibilities of the Lowell Cultural Council.

The goals of COOL are:

  • Emphasize Collaboration and Coordination
  • Improve Communication
  • Maximize the Use of Existing Resources
  • Reach Out More Effectively to Diverse Populations
  • Promote Lowell as a Cultural Center

Cultural Organization of Lowell Address:

Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL)
70 Merrimack Street
Lowell, MA 01852
Phone: 978-455-7652