One Hundred Seconds Film Festival

100 Second Film Festival is a unique local film event.

The 100 Second Film Festival is a non commercial, non competitive universal collaboration with a goal of stimulating people to create, watch, and share videos that are 100 seconds (less) in duration. The videos are presented to a live audience in a variety of worldwide locations, via cable television, or on the Internet.

The videos are submitted by people from throughout the United States and the world, with the number of viewing locations growing each year since its inception. Because the local show curator attempts to put as many local submissions into each show as possible, each show is different and address a variety of issues and topics pertinent to the location, with the one common denominator being the length of each video.

The 100 Second Festival was initially launched in Lowell, Massachusetts in January of 2005, and it was sponsored by Lowell Telecommunications Corporation and the Revolving Museum. The initial goal of the Festival was to “create a community media and art event centered around around the shared experience of creating, sharing and watching videos that have one thing in common, they are all less than one minute and forty seconds in length.

Filmmakers may submit their 100 second films through an entry form online, or the videos can be submitted via the postal service.

100 Second Film Festival Contact Info:

attn: 100 Second Film Festival
PO Box 294
Medfield, MA 02052