Lowell Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market is a great place for fresh fruits and veggies.

Open every Friday afteroon during the summer and fall months (July – October) in JFK Plaza in downtown Lowell, the Outdoor Lowell Farmer’s Market is a great place to purchase fresh produce, breads, preserves, flowers, crafts, and other unique items. Farmer’s Market products are locally grown, and city residents are encouraged to be locavores – those who prefer to purchase and eat locally grown food.

Each Friday the Farmer’s Market is open, there are cooking and product demonstrations that are free to attend. You can learn about new recipes or get an idea about how to use a type of vegetable or fruit that you frequently see for sale but have no idea how to use! The Market also has frequently special theme days (Children’s Day and Senior Citizens Day as examples), and there is often special entertainment and live music.

The Farmer’s Market was first started in 1979, and it is sponsored by local non-profit community action organization, Community Teamwork, Inc. (CTI). The Market regularly attracts hundreds of visitors each week.