Lowell Celebrates Jack Kerouac

Celebrate the life and works of Jack Kerouac in Lowell.

Jack Kerouac, for whom the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival is named, was one of the most popular of the writers, musicians, and poets of what is known as the “Beat Generation.”  Kerouac was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, a hometown that inspired several of his literary works.  His acclaimed On the Road novel is widely regarded as being among the major works of Beat Generation literature.

Beat poetry is a spoken form of literature, combining lyrical prose and music, and its popularity was at an all-time high from the mid-1950’s to early 1960’s, greatly due to Kerouac’s influence.  This art was most commonly used to express the feeling of being “beat,” however, Kerouac claimed that Beat was also about being “beatific” and “upbeat.”

The Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival was founded in 1985 to promote the understanding and the enjoyment of Jack Kerouac’s literature, and by extension, literature in general.  The annual Festival is held the first weekend of October, with a special program in the Spring near Kerouac’s March 12th birthday.

The Festival features many interactive literary events, filled with music and open-mic poetry readings.  Poetry competitions, book signings and many more literary and music events make for a lively, one-of-a-kind celebration that can’t be found outside of Lowell.

The lure of the Festival is not limited to the local community, asmany fans come from throughout the world to attend the Festival and celebrate the life and works of Jack Kerouac. Extending Jack Kerouac’s belief in the “upbeat” and “beatific” spirit of literature, the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival excites the city of Lowell and brings its citizens and visitors closer together.

In addition to the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival, there is also a Jack Kerouac Literary Festival held in Lowell.

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Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Website

Website: http://www.lowellcelebrateskerouac.org