Lowell Women's Week

Women's Week celebrates the accomplishments of women.

Lowell Women’s Week is held annually each March in conjunction with Women’s History Month, a month-long national observance proclaimed by a joint resolution of Congress in 1987. At the center of the celebration is International Women’s Day, held on March 8th each year.

Lowell Women’s Week was first established in the city of Lowell in 1995. It is particularly important to the city, whose Lowell Mill Girls played a significant role in gaining rights for women.

The special events held by various organizations during Lowell Women’s Week are to recognize and celebrate the significant accomplishments of women throughout history. Just about all Lowell Women’s Week events are free, and they are open to all who wish to participate.

Focus of Lowell Women’s Week Events

  • Resisting gender stereotyping
  • Accepting, appreciating, and celebrating ourselves as we are
  • Gaining and celebrating confidence and the power in ourselves
  • Safety and healthful life styles
  • Women’s work and Economic Independence
  • Civic Engagement/Community Work
  • Arts and Handcrafts–the many ways women add beauty to the world.
  • “Because of Her” Award

    As part of Lowell Women’s Week, the “Because of Her” Award is given to “women who demonstrate a strong commitment to their community through their courage, generosity, compassion, and activism.” These women are frequently involved in organizations or programs that are helping other women change and better their lives in the Greater Lowell area.

    Lowell Women’s Week Contact Information

    Phone: (978) 656-3159

    Website: http://www.lowellwomensweek.org