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Each year, Lowell, Massachusetts is home to the New England Culture Fest (a Culture Fest International ethical events festival). This festival is brought to you by nonprofit organization Second World, whose mission is to bridge the gap between the “First World” and “Third World” to edu-tain about fair trade empowerment initiatives that fight poverty through the arts while encouraging cultural exchange and celebration.

More than 100 phenomenally talented artists and performers will join with local restaurants, fair trade organizations and ethical businesses to bring the sights and sounds of global culture to the Lowell Arts District (Middle Street). This is the nation’s premiere fair trade festival and has been hailed as a unique cultural event.

Taking place annually in September, you can plan to be amazed and astounded by the sights and sounds generated. Food, film, fashion, and fun are the order of the weekend at this incredible festival that is unique to Lowell, MA.

To plan your trip to the New England Culture Fest, allow to help find the best online hotel rates. You can also locate the perfect restaurant to satisfy your appetite in the Lowell Restaurant Guide. The New England Culture Fest is a unique event that you don’t want to miss. It’s the perfect way to end your summer.

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