One Hundred Seconds Film Festival

100 Second Film Festival is a unique local film event.

100 Second Film Festival

The 100 Second Film Festival is a non commercial, non competitive universal collaboration project that is sponsored by the Creative Commons. Their objective is to stimulate people to create, watch, and share videos that are 100 seconds in duration or less. The 100 Second Film Festival was launched in January of 2005 through Lowell Telecommunications Corporation and the Revolving Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts, and it now receives submissions from people throughout the United States and the world.

African Festival in Lowell, MA

Enjoy African food, music, and culture at the African Festival.

African Festival

The annual Lowell African Festival is held annually each June. The Festival is comprised of traditional African food, music, dancing, fashion, art and more. All exhibits and programs at the show are designed to educate and to entertain participants and patrons to the wide variety of cultures of Africa, many of which are represented by Lowell residents. This summer-time festival is eagerly anticipated by people of all creeds and cultures.

Lowell Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day in Lowell with Community Gardens.

Earth Day Festival

Held every April on the Sunday before Earth Day, this free celebration features environmentally conscious groups and artists, children’s activities, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, greenhouse tours, and local entertainment. It is a great chance to learn about community gardening and what environmentally conscious organizations are accomplishing. This family event is hosted by the Community Gardens Greenhouse.

Lowell Farmer's Market

Shop the Farmer's Market for fresh fruits and veggies.

Farmers’ Market

The Lowell Outdoors Farmer’s Market is open every Friday afteroon during the summer and fall months, from July – October. The open air market is held in downtown Lowell, in JFK Plaza. Dozens of merchants come to the market with fresh produce, breads, preserves, flowers, crafts, and other unique items. Just about all of the products are locally grown.

There are cooking and product demonstrations that are free to attend, and there are frequent theme days such as Children’s Day and Senior Citizens Day, complete with special entertainment and live music.

Good Times Running in Lowell

Run 5k road races in Lowell.

Good Times 5k Running Series

If you love to run, the Good Times 5k Running Series in Lowell is a fun way to get a healthy work out! On Tuesday evenings at 7pm from April through June, runners compete in 5k road races in downtown Lowell. Competitors come from the Merrimack Valley, Southern New Hampshire, and beyond. There are ten races in this Springtime running Series, and runners may sign up online or at the beginning of the race.

Lowell Latin American Festival

Enjoy Latin American food, music, and culture.

Latin American Festival

The Lowell Latin American Festival is held annually in June in Lowell, Massachusetts. The Festival is comprised of traditional Latin American food, music, dancing, fashion, and more, which are designed to educate and entertain participants and festival attendees. The Festival celebrates Latin American cultures from around the world throughout history. The Festival was formerly known as the Coqui Festival, which was established in 2005. The festival is celebrated at North Common Park.

Lowell Celebrates Jack Kerouac

Celebrate the life and works of Jack Kerouac in Lowell.

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival

Jack Kerouac, for whom the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival is named, was one of the most popular of the writers, musicians, and poets of the “Beat Generation.” Kerouac was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, a hometown that inspired several of his literary works.

The Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Festival was founded in 1985 to promote the understanding and the enjoyment of Jack Kerouac’s literature, and by extension, literature in general. The annual Festival is held the first weekend of October in Lowell, Massachusetts, with a special program in the Spring near Kerouac’s March 12th birthday. The Festival features many interactive literary events, filled with music and open-mic poetry readings. Poetry competitions, book signings and many more literary and music events make for a lively celebration.

Lowell Film Festival

Watch documentaries and films on local topics.

Lowell Film Festival

Held every year in Lowell, Massachusetts, during the first weekend in April, the Lowell Film Festival showcases documentary and feature-length films focusing on a variety of topics of interest to the Greater Lowell Community and beyond.

The event attracts new visitors to the City of Lowell each year to a host of downtown locales for film screenings, panel discussions, and visits with local filmmakers. Venues include museums, art galleries, restaurants & cafes, O’Leary Library at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, the Lowell National Historical Park, and Pollard Memorial Library.

Lowell Folk Festival

Enjoy great music, food, and fun at Lowell Folk Festival.

Lowell Folk Festival

The Lowell Folk Festival is a free, three day event that takes place in the summer, usually the third weekend in July. The Folk Festival features some of the best folk music performers in the country, and it typically attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. The Festival kicks, which uses six stages set throughout the city of Lowell, kicks off on a Friday night with a dance party featuring some of the weekend performers, and it runs through Sunday.

This family event is produced by the City of Lowell, the Lowell Festival Foundation, the Lowell National Historical Park, and the National Council for Traditional Arts. Food and drinks are served throughout the city to stay cool when the music gets hot!

Lowell Quilt Festival

See hundreds of quilts and learn about quilting in Lowell.

Lowell Quilt Festival

The Lowell Quilt Festival annually draws crowds of quilt lovers, artists, and teachers each August. Typically held at Tsongas Arena, the Lowell Quilt Festival brings together juried works from talented artists from across the country, with all proceeds benefitting the New England Quilt Museum. In addition to the quilts on display, the Festival brings in quilt experts and teachers in all areas of quilting, and classes are available on all subjects related to quilting. The teachers who participate will present lectures on their area of expertise.


Great music every summer in Boardinghouse Park.

Lowell Summer Music Series

The Lowell Summer Music Series is a program committed to bringing great music to Lowell, Massachusetts at reasonable prices. The concert series is an annual event, which runs from July through September, and it is held at Boardinghouse Park, part of the Boott Mills complex in Lowell. Past performances have been given by Grammy winners and other well-known musicians. These concerts are fun for the entire family to enjoy.

Lowell Women's Week

Women's Week celebrates the accomplishments of women.

Lowell Women’s Week

Lowell Women’s Week is held annually each March in conjunction with Women’s History Month, a month-long national observance proclaimed by a joint resolution of Congress in 1987. At the center of the celebration is International Women’s Day, held on March 8th each year.

Lowell Women’s Week was first established in the city of Lowell in 1995. The special events held during Lowell Women’s Week are to recognize and celebrate the significant accomplishments of women throughout history. Just about all Lowell Women’s Week events are free, and they are open to all who wish to participate.


Connect to your community. Connect to your world.

New England Culture Fest

New England Culture Fest, benefiting Second World, strives to bring awareness to fair trade and generate business and support for artisans and cooperatives from developing countries. More than 100 talented artists and performers join with local restaurants, fair trade organizations and ethical businesses to bring the sights and sounds of global culture to Lowell every year during Labor Day weekend.

One Lowell World Cup

One Lowell World Cup summer soccer tournament

One Lowell World Cup

One Lowell World Cup is an annual soccer tournament that celebrates a shared passion for the game of soccer, while raising money to help immigrants in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts. The event features high quality amateur soccer teams and exciting games with some of the best players in the region, all of whom represent their native countries. The Cup is more than a weekend of soccer at Cawley Stadium in Lowell – it is a celebration of the contributions immigrants have made to the Greater Lowell community. This annual soccer tournament and festival takes place in Lowell each summer.

Lowell Puerto Rican Festival

Enjoy the food and culture of Puerto Rico in Lowell.

Puerto Rican Festival

The Lowell Puerto Rican Cultural Festival is a one-day annual event that takes place every July, to celebrate the heritage of Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans living in Lowell, MA. The Festival features poetry readings, music, authentic Puerto Rican food, and traditional Puerto Rican dancincg. The event is meant to remind people of, and introduce them to the customs and traditions of Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican Pageant is one of the main highlights of the Festival. If you are interested in experiencing Puerto Rican culture, the Puerto Rican Festival in Lowell is the place to do it.

Lowell Water Festival

Celebrate the unique Water Festival in Lowell.

Southeast Asian Water Festival

Each year, many people of Southeast Asian cultures, set aside a time to thank the rivers, lakes, and ponds on which they have built their communities and earned their livelihood. Each year in Lowell, the Southeast Asian Water Festival is the celebration of this connection between water and all aspects of life, and it also serves as an effort to promote and protect the heritage of the people of Southeast Asia who live in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Held at Lowell Heritage State Park, the highlight of the Festival is the boat races, where teams compete in traditional Long Boat races. Held on the third Saturday in August, a parade along the Merrimack River marks the start of the Southeast Asian Water Festival.

Team Walk for Cancer Care

Lowell General Hospital's TeamWalk for CancerCare.

TeamWalk for CancerCare

One of the region’s largest annual fundraising events is Lowell General Hospital’s annual TeamWalk for CancerCare event held every Spring. Money generated by TeamWalk enables Lowell General Hospital to provide help in many forms. It funds innovative support programs for patients, their families and caregivers; financial assistance for medications; and transportation to and from treatments. TeamWalk dollars help provide workshops and classes to help people feel better, build confidence and instill hope throughout their battle with cancer.

Winter Fest in Lowell

Skating, face painting, magic, and fun at Lowell Winterfest.


Celebrate winter’s chill with the annual Lowell Winterfest, which has been held each winter since 2001. Enjoy free ice skating, face painting, magic shows, fireworks and of course, Lowla Bear. The Lowell Winterfest also features crafts (who doesn’t want wool mittens), live entertainment, a soup bowl competition and the National Human Dogsled Championships. Winterfest is the perfect time to break out your warm weather gear to have fun in the middle of the winter. Winterfest is a great activity for the entire family.