Lowell Water Festival

Celebrate the unique Water Festival in Lowell.

In many Southeast Asian cultures, a time is set aside each year to thank the rivers, lakes, and ponds on which they have built their communities and earned their livelihood.  The Southeast Asian Water Festival in Lowell, Massachusetts is the celebration of this connection of water to all aspects of life, and it is also an effort to promote and protect the heritage of the people of Southeast Asia who live in Lowell.

The highlight of the Festival is the boat races.  Local and international teams compete in traditional Long Boat races.  At the start of the Festival, which takes place the third Saturday in August, a parade is held along the Merrimack River, which culminates with a blessing from a Buddhist monk for all of the boats and the competitors.

Held at the Lowell Heritage State Park, the Festival is a must attend event in the Greater Lowell, MA area.  Join the tens of thousands of Festival goers and spectators who have enjoyed this event year after year. The Festival showcases traditional Southeast Asian artists, from dancers and singers, to craftsmen and clowns, mixing in many cultures of Lowell. Come for the cultural experience or come for the food, no matter why you attend, you weill be in for a memorable experience.

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Southeast Asian Water Festival Address

Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival, Inc.
c/o Light of Cambodian Children
9 Central St.
Suite 203
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (978) 596-1013

Website: http://www.lowellwaterfestival.org