Lowell, MA — Lowell benefits from the dedication of committed individuals and organizations throughout the city. Several of these are being recognized for their accomplishments in the areas of historic preservation and cultural heritage by Lowell National Historical Park and Lowell Heritage Partnership.

“We appreciate the community participation through nominations, and those submitted represent an outstanding array of diverse efforts in these two fields. We look forward to acknowledging the recipients as we kick off the annual celebration of Doors Open Lowell 2010,” stated Acting Superintendent Peter Aucella. The following recipients will be recognized at the opening reception for Doors Open Lowell on Thursday, May 13.

For Excellence in Cultural Heritage:

Anne Cavanaugh with the Friends of Rogers Fort Hill Park

Honoring Anne and the Friends tireless dedication in beautifying the park as well providing captivating programs to promote the availability and stewardship of this outdoor resource.

For Historic Preservation

Coalition for a Better Acre for the innovative pairing of community development with historic preservation in several projects including the efforts to preserve and revive the buildings of the former St. Jean Baptiste parish into apartments and offices.\

Ed Walsh and Bob Delhomme, Mira Development

For their successful integration of development with historic preservation practices at the Lawrence Mills redevelopment.

For Youth Excellence in Historic Preservation

Spindle City Corps

For fourteen years of summer service by Lowell youth in preserving their community, and work on the preservation and maintenance of historic sites and park resources throughout the city as a partnership between Community Teamwork, Inc. and the Park.

The opening reception for Doors Open Lowell is taking place on Thursday, May 13 at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum from 5:00 – 7:30 pm. Please RSVP by May 6 to Cheryl Clark at 978-275-1700 or by email at cheryl_clark@nps.gov.

Doors Open Lowell 2010, a celebration of historic preservation in the city, continues on Friday and Saturday, May 14 and 15, with the full schedule of open buildings, special programs, and additional information available at www.doorsopenlowell.org.