Lowell, MA trick or treating

Be safe this Halloween when trick or treating in Lowell.

Keep your children safe this Halloween while trick or treating in Lowell

Lowell, MA – The city of Lowell, Massachusetts has announced that Halloween trick or treating in Lowell will be held on Sunday, October 31, 2010 from 6 pm- 8pm. Halloween is an exciting time, and trick or treating is a beloved activity for children of all ages. There are some safety factors that should be considered in order to make the experience a pleasant one for children and adults.

If you have younger children, never let them trick or treat without an adult. If older children go out without parental supervision, they should be given cell phones and should be encouraged to follow all the safety rules.

One of the most important ways to make Halloween activities safe is to tell children not to eat any candy that you haven’t inspected. Opened candy or candy that has loose wrapping or punctures should be thrown away. Homemade goodies should be avoided unless they were made by someone you know. Many police stations offer candy checking during the evening hours on Halloween.

Whether children are accompanied by an adult or venturing out alone, they should stick to neighborhoods that are familiar. It is a good idea to plan a route ahead of time with your child. Look for obstacles like cracked sidewalks that may be unnoticeable in the dark. Have your child carry a flashlight and wear light-up shoes and/or reflective clothing for visibility. Stick to houses that are well-lit. Children should not stay out past 8 p.m, the Halloween curfew specified by the city of Lowell.

When it comes to choosing costumes, avoid long, draping ones that can cause children to trip. Costumes should be flame-retardant and should be suitable for the weather in your area. If your child wears a mask, make sure it is easy to take off and your child can see clearly and breathe well.

Trick or treating can be a thrilling adventure for children if simple safety guidelines are followed. Teach your children how to make the night safe, and they can create memories that last a lifetime.

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