Help the New England Quilt Museum with Penny Power!

Last summer, the New England Quilt Museum received a Cultural Facilities Matching Grant from Mass Cultural Council and MassDevelopment for $77,000, to be used to address deferred maintenance issues in our 1845 historic building.

Having raised more than $40,000 from the current and past Board of Directors, we are campaigning to raise the remaining $35,000. One of the first projects we are undertaking with our matching grant funds is the upgrade we desperately need for our HVAC system– that’s why we’re turning to you to help fuel the Museum with Penny Power.

When you visit NEQM, look for Penny and Patches Pig, two lovely, embellished piggy banks, one on the front desk and one in the library. We are asking you and all our visitors to consider disposing of your pennies by feeding the pigs, helping us fuel the museum with Penny Power. We are also inviting Guilds to consider passing around a Penny Jar for the Museum at monthly meetings, as some of our supporting guilds already are.

We are also asking every member to consider keeping a jar at home and emptying all your loose change into the jar at the end of the day. Find a spare penny in a pocket or on the sidewalk? Put it in your jar and then bring your jar into the museum to be emptied and tallied in with what we hope will be thousands of other pennies. It’s amazing how small change can add up!