House of Hope

House of Hope offers services for Lowell's homeless.

House of Hope is a not for profit organization that provides shelter housing for homeless families in Lowell, Massachusetts. House of Hope is one of the largest homeless organizations in the state, operating homeless shelters, a small apartment complex, a health services facility, and a community center in Lowell. The organization was first established in 1985, and it is funded mostly by the state of Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance.

New Hope Apartments is a small apartment complex opened by the organization in 2005 that has ten livable units for people who are able to afford the subsidized rent. Residents of this apartment complex have “graduated” from the House of Hope Shelter, and pay rent to the organization. They receive similar benefits to those living in the HOH shelter, but are able to live in separate housing units operated by the organization.

Some of the services provided by House of Hope include:

  • Emergency food, shelter and clothing for 18 families.
  • Planning assistance for the future.
  • Health services (including medical consultation, immunization updates, and diagnosis consultation) provided by a nurse practitioner from a family clinic.
  • Mental health and substance abuse programming and counseling.
  • Onsite internship positions for adult residents who don’t have prior employment success.
  • A variety of childrens’ services for parents and children.

House of Hope Mission:

“House of Hope, a temporary shelter, provides advocacy and care for homeless families. Rooted in a belief in God, and under the direction of an ecumenical board, it seeks to affirm the dignity of life to all who are served.”

House of Hope Address:

House of Hope
812 Merrimack St.
Lowell, MA 01854

Phone: (978) 458-2870