Goal Setting with Focus, Energy, and Achievement
The Center for Community Health and Wellness at Lowell General Hospital is offering the on-line class: Clear mind, Bright Future.  You will identify your top personal and professional goals and have a complete system in place for creating the life you desire.

  • Uses revitalizing exercises, guided visualizations, and brainstorm writing.
  • Based on the ancient “Master Formula of Attainment,” and updated for today’s fast-paced world.
  • Perfect, whether you are an analytical thinker who thrives on details or a more creative, global, open thinker.
  • Brain-friendly to make the process enjoyable and immensely beneficial.

For best results, do the six lessons/modules in one session. It will take 2-3 hours. Be prepared to print a pdf file of worksheets, have a stack of writing paper, or use a note pad on your computer. Estimated program length : 2.5 Hour(s). Visit Community Health and Wellness at the LGH Web site, www.lowellgeneral.com, to register or call 978-937-6000. Fee: $79.