Lowell's Kadient announces merger with Sant.

Merger Creates the New Leader in On-Demand Sales Enablement Solutions; Provides More than 1,200 Customers with Robust Platform to Boost Sales Force Productivity

CINCINNATI and LOWELL, MA – May 11, 2010 – Kadient and The Sant Corporation today announced they have signed a merger agreement that establishes the combined company as the dominant provider of on-demand sales enablement solutions. The strength and breadth of the new company’s offerings will provide customers with industry-leading applications that improve sales productivity and increase win rates.

Global customers of the combined company will benefit from access to Kadient and Sant’s robust sales enablement platform that arms sales professionals to:

  • Access situation-specific coaching, content, and tools proven to close deals, using CRM-based sales playbooks
  • Quickly and easily locate, personalize, and deliver their company’s best sales and marketing content
  • Automate the creation of client-focused proposals, RFP responses, and presentations
  • Leverage analytics to uncover unique and actionable insights from content usage, sales activities, and deal status

Sant’s president, Lewis Miller, will serve as president and CEO of the combined company. “This powerful combination of Sant and Kadient allows us to deliver the broadest set of sales enablement solutions in the marketplace,” said Miller. “This merger transforms the Sales Enablement industry, combining best-in-class document automation with situation-specific sales playbooks and analytics.”

Kadient’s CEO, Brian Zanghi, will join the Board of Directors of the combined company. “Today is a great day for customers of Sant and Kadient,” said Zanghi, “Given the alignment of our visions, technologies, and overall strategies, the combination of our two companies will provide customers with a powerful platform that supports every point of their sales cycle, as well as a greater depth of expertise in sales enablement.”

“Sales enablement has risen to the forefront as a critical lever in driving sales productivity,” said Joe Galvin of SiriusDecisions, a business-to-business sales and marketing analyst firm. “The combined experience, expertise and resources of Sant and Kadient will result in a potent suite of best practice capabilities that will satisfy the diverse needs of today’s business-to-business sales professionals.”

Kadient and Sant will operate under their existing names until a rebranding project is completed later this year. For additional information on the merger, visit www.sant-kadient.com.

About Kadient

Kadient helps companies improve sales performance by arming their salespeople with the content, messages, and strategies proven to win at every stage of the customer’s buying cycle. Kadient is the only on-demand sales enablement platform that embeds interactive, situation-specific Sales Playbooks in a CRM system and provides analytics for unique actionable insights to close more business faster. The result is shorter sales cycles, faster ramp up, and increased sales productivity. To learn more about Kadient, visit www.kadient.com.

About The Sant Corporation

The Sant Corporation enables sales professionals to deliver high quality content throughout the entire sales cycle. The company’s sales enablement solutions reduce the time it takes to locate the best sales materials and expertise within the organization. Sant’s proposal automation solutions improve win rates by accelerating the production of persuasive proposals, RFP responses, presentations, and related documents.

Businesses choose Sant to improve sales productivity and win rates, increase marketing effectiveness, and deliver accurate, personalized documents to their customers. For more information, please visit www.santcorp.com.