Keep America Beautiful

Learn how to keep Lowell, Mass beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Keep Lowell Beautiful is a non-profit organization that works with the City of Lowell, Massachusetts and its residents in a combined effort to keep the city looking its best and cleanest. The organization works to reduce litter, promote proper waste disposal, reduce pollution, and make the city appealing to visitors and residents. Keep Lowell Beautiful is affiliated with the Keep America Beautiful national organization.

Keep Lowell Beautiful works with members of the community to evaluate hot spots, organize neighborhood clean ups, and they have championed an anti-litter campaign in the city. The group organizes and participates in several events during the year to educate the public while helping to beautify the city.

Keep Lowell Beautiful has also developed a service learning relationship with both local colleges, Middlesex Community College and University of Massachusetts Lowell. Together with students and professors, they can educate and work on a plan of action to assist in keeping Lowell looking its best. Another project undertaken by the organization was the beautification of a green area of public school grounds, which educated local school children and helps to keep Lowell public schools clean and litter free.

Keep Lowell Beautiful Mission

Keep Lowell Beautiful, Inc. (KLB) is a non-profit (501)(c)(3) organization based in Lowell, Massachusetts. KLB promotes and fosters the involvement of residents in litter reduction, beautification, and proper solid waste management efforts.

Keep Lowell Beautiful Address

Keep Lowell Beautiful
P.O. Box 8625
Lowell, MA 01853

Phone: (978) 973-6710