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Lowell General deploys medical smartphone app.

Lowell General Hospital is first hospital in Massachusetts to utilize the iTriage healthcare decision tool

Lowell, MA Lowell General Hospital is the first Massachusetts hospital to launch iTriage®, a smartphone application that allows consumers to locate vital medical information and local medical services on their smartphone. The free application, which is a result of a partnership with Healthagen®, can be downloaded for the iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or Android™ smartphones through app stores. Palm®, BlackBerry® or any other Internet-enabled devices can access iTriage at www.iTriageHealth.com. iTriage currently is the most popular application in the iTunes app store.

With the introduction of this premier level of service, Lowell General Hospital becomes the first hospital in Massachusetts to utilize this nationwide interactive technology allowing consumers to search medical symptoms, learn about possible causes and find appropriate locations for treatment. Residents and visitors in Lowell and surrounding communities now have immediate mobile access to detailed information about Lowell General Hospital including specialties offered, physician reports, community services and turn-by-turn directions to the hospital based on the user’s GPS location.

“At Lowell General Hospital we understand how important it is for our patients to access medical care and information as quickly as possible,” says Norm Deschene, President and CEO, Lowell General Hospital. “Our partnership with iTriage is part of a larger investment Lowell General is making in technology which will provide residents with greater access to medical information and enhance the quality and safety of health care. Our physicians have carefully reviewed iTriage and been impressed with the level and quality of health care resources it provides to consumers.”

Built by emergency room physicians, iTriage aggregates healthcare information in a structured and actionable way, and closes the information gap between doctors and patients. As the healthcare landscape changes, iTriage continues to provide technology to empower healthcare consumers.

“Lowell General Hospital’s decision to partner with iTriage speaks directly to their belief in providing cutting edge medical care through advanced technology. At Healthagen, we are leading the way in creating new opportunities for healthcare providers to engage with consumers by using integrated mobile technology, and we look forward to working with this outstanding hospital to increase patient engagement,” said Peter Hudson, M.D., CEO, Healthagen, developer of iTriage.

About Healthagen

Healthagen, a privately held company headquartered in Lakewood, CO, is a global developer of healthcare information software that empowers patients to make better decisions. Co-founded by two practicing emergency physicians, Drs. Peter Hudson and Wayne Guerra, iTriage has been downloaded and used millions of times by healthcare consumers around the globe, generating tens of millions of medical searches and self-assessments. Hundreds of medical providers and thousands of physicians have also partnered with iTriage to provide patients with critical information about their facilities and medical practices, making it more efficient for patients to access the healthcare system. Click here for more information about Healthagen and iTriage.