Lowell General

"Cancer Kids Fun Nights at Lowell General.

The Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital is offering “Cancer Kids Fun Nights.” Kids ages 7 – 15 gather monthly for support and fun. “Cancer may be in my family, but I still like to have fun” is at the heart of this social group which shares feelings and experiences of having someone in their family with cancer.

Sessions begin with a dinner and feelings check-in, then an activity. Four times a year the group will have an off-site activity. Parents will be notified the prior month so that transportation may be arranged.

Fun nights are the first Tuesday of the month from 6-8 p.m. at the Cancer Center at Lowell General Hospital. For more information, contact Cammie Caron 978-937-6129.

Meals and activities are sponsored by TeamWalk for CancerCare.