Senior Citizens in Lowell

Lowell Telephone Reassurance program for seniors.

On the Lowell, Massachusetts Office of the City Manager’s Blog, Bernie Lynch announced that the Council on Aging has launched their Telephone Reassurance Program. This program “provides a daily phone call to community members without family or who need temporary monitoring during times when they have limited mobility.”

This is a great program for Lowell senior citizens who may not have the opportunity to see people every day. The city of Lowell cares about its older citizens, and volunteers who are on the phones want to make sure the elderly have the resources they need. Similar programs have been highly acclaimed in other cities, and now it is available in Lowell.

Volunteers from the Lowell Senior Center will be the friendly voices on the phone who call Lowell senior citizens in the program every day – just to make sure that everything is okay. Seniors or their family members are encouraged to sign up for the program if needed. To sign up, please call (978) 970-4131.