Lowell Highlands

Lowell has beautiful homes and affordable apartments.

Lowell, Massachusetts is one of the most architecturally beautiful and culturally diverse cities in New England. From Lowell’s famous brick mills to its renown museums, Lowell is rich in history and culture. The city of Lowell is a great place to live, and Lowell.com is your online guide to the city.

Lowell.com offers a wealth of demographic information to help you learn more about Lowell. The city has diverse neighborhoods with homes of every size – from homes dating as early as the 1800s to new builds. The Lowell neighborhood guide can give you valuable information about Lowell’s neighborhoods and parks in each neighborhood. A handy contact sheet for Lowell schools can help put you in touch with the Lowell school district and its schools. You can also keep up to date with local Lowell news..

Lowell.com has a detailed history of Lowell chronicling the time when Lowell was the epicenter of the American Industrial Revolution. From the Lowell Mill Girls to Jack Kerouac to US Senator Paul Tsongas, Lowell.com has information about these historic topics through the most recent revitalization efforts undertaken by the city.

You can also read exclusive Lowell.com interviews with the movers and shakers in Lowell, to see what they love about Lowell and where they enjoy spending time in the city. Discover new restaurants, find fun things to do at night, and learn some new things about Lowell.

Whether you are looking for a detailed history of Lowell or some fun facts, Lowell.com is your online guide to the city. Living in Lowell is great, and Lowell.com can help answer any questions you may have about Lowell today. Our resource guides can help put you in touch with local businesses who can make life in Lowell even better for you and your family.