Lowell Unleashed

Lowell Unleashed looking for new board members.

Lowell Unleashed dog organization seeking new members at monthly board meeting on August 30

Lowell, MA – After enjoying three years with Lowell Unleashed, the members of the current Board of Directors are preparing to step down and pass the reigns along to a new set of individuals.

The group was formed in 2007 with the sole purpose of working with the city to erect a Dog Park in Lowell. Having completed that mission, the board is excited to see a new face of Lowell Unleashed emerge from park users who are just as excited about improving the park as they were to have it built! The board invites interested parties to submit a letter of intent to lowellunleashed@gmail.com by September 15th. Please use the letter of intent to describe improvements that you hope to see at the park and some of the methods you intend to implement to make those visions a reality.

Lowell Unleashed will be holding its monthly meeting this Monday, August 30th at 7pm in The Mayors Reception Room of City Hall. They encourage all to attend this meeting to discuss the current park ground cover project underway. Those interested in joining the board may also use this opportunity to introduce themselves to other members and discuss Board Member responsibilities with the current board. Suggested positions to fill are; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The board looks forward to the energy that a new Board of Directors will bring to Lowell Unleashed and are excited about the future of The Lowell Dog Park.