Lowell Unleashed

Lowell Unleashed works with the city to promote dog causes.

Lowell Unleashed is an organization made up of dog lovers and/or dog owners in Lowell, Massachusetts. The goals of Lowell Unleashed is to make Lowell a more dog-friendly city, both for dogs and for their owners. Members of Lowell Unleashed work to educate the public about dog ownership and proper dog care.

One of Lowell Unleashed’s greatest accomplishments was their work in planning for and building a dog park in Lowell, a place where supervised dogs are free to play, socialize with other dogs, and do their business. The dog park is located on First Street near the Hunts Falls Rotary.

Lowell Unleashed Mission:

  • Work in partnership with the City of Lowell and its residents to develop and maintain a series of fenced-in, off-leash neighborhood dog parks where well-behaved dogs can socialize and exercise in a clean and safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife;
  • Serve as a resource to educate the public about responsible dog ownership and acceptable dog behavior;
  • Promote and protect the interests of responsible dog owners while connecting and compromising with non-dog owners; and
  • Function as liaison between dog owners and the City of Lowell.

Lowell Unleashed Address:

Lowell Unleashed
P.O. Box 8716
Lowell, MA 01853

Website: http://www.lowellunleashed.org