With the help of the recently launched BabyRegistries.com, it has never been easier for friends and family of expectant parents to find all of their baby registries from many different online retail stores. Whether the parents to be registers at Walmart, Kohl’s, giggle, Target, buybuy Baby, Land of Nod, or many other baby stores, each baby registry is easy to find.

Unlike larger websites where hundreds of baby registries are listed on one page, making it difficult to find multiple registries, BabyRegistries.com gives expectant parents a page to list all of their registries. Friends and family can simply click on the registry link and see what remains from each registry. It saves them time and makes it easy for them to purchase baby gifts and supplies.

Creating a page on BabyRegistries.com is simple. It takes just a few minutes to do, and listing each baby registry is as simple as pasting the link. Expecting parents can email the page, send out a Tweet, or post it on Facebook with a quick click of the mouse, and friends and family will know where to shop for baby gifts. It just takes a few minutes but makes shopping very easy!

If you’re pregnant and in the process of creating baby registries, you should create an account on BabyRegistries.com today.