Martin Meehan

Marty Meehan serves as Chancellor of UMass Lowell.

Marty Meehan was born on December 30, 1956 in Lowell, Massachusetts. After graduating from Lowell High School, he received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts in 1978. His field of study was Education and Political Science. In 1981, Meehan received his graduate degree in Public Administration from Suffolk University. He continued his education and obtained his law degree from Suffolk University Law School in 1986. Subsequently, two honorary degrees were awarded to Meehan from Suffolk and Green Mountain College, located in Vermont.

Meehan began his career working for the mayor of Lowell, Massachusetts in the late 1980s. He held a multitude of positions, including press assistant, research analyst, and director of public affairs, University of Massachusetts faculty member and assistant district attorney. His political aspirations continued when he was elected to the US House of Representatives in the early 1990s.

Mr. Meehan’s career took another direction when he became the Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 2007. He is credited with making positive changes for the university. Meehan and his faculty insure that students reach their full potential by instituting an academic environment that is conducive for obtaining a great education, which manifests by producing innovative new jobs.

Meehan is respected and admired by his peers and is considered an asset for the position he holds as Chancellor of UMass Lowell.