EarthShare New England and MRWC employees helping to support the Merrimack River.

Does murky brown drinking water exist? Hopefully with help, it won’t anytime soon.

The Merrimack River is unique. It is the main source of drinking water for over 300,000 Massachusetts residents, but at the same time it carries treated waste water. When snow melts rapidly or a rainstorm hits the river hard, the resulting water run-off enters the sewer system in massive amounts and combines with commercial, industrial, and home sewerage—all headed for the waste-water treatment plant.

What happens when both channels merge into one? According to the Merrimack River Watershed Council (MRWC) the waste-water treatment plant becomes overwhelmed and both treated and untreated water (which includes various chemicals, solid waste, lawn fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, etc.) bypass the system and directly enter into the river. The environmental impact is significant and affects the lives of families and children that depend on the river as their source of drinking water.

The affect also impacts the safety of swimming, boating, and fishing in the river. The MRWC conducts seasonal river water monitoring to help determine water quality and pollutant levels—but a comprehensive program is expensive. How can you help? It’s simple and easy!

EarthShare New England (ESNE) is a national federation that supports leading American environmental and conservation charities. It was founded in 1988 and is currently supporting more than 400 environmental and conservation nonprofit organizations. ESNE strives to promote environmental awareness and raise funds primarily through employee workplace giving. In doing so, individuals, organizations, and corporations can partake in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

By simply deducting a small amount each week from payroll, employees can provide in a simple way to care for our health, water, air, land, and wildlife. Join today on and click on Donate Now, select the method of donation, and choose the Merrimack River Watershed Council! You can learn more on their all about workplace giving page.

The Merrimack River Watershed Council (MRWC) is proudly listed as one of EarthShare New England’s member charities. For many years, the MRWC has been at the forefront of efforts to help provide a healthy watershed ecosystem for families in local communities throughout the Merrimack Valley.

The Merrimack River directly affects people; industry and commerce, recreational pursuits and the local economy in general. It is the main source of drinking water for many towns and cities, provides local beaches enjoyed by many, in addition to boating and fishing. It hosts a habitat for all kinds of organisms, water fowl and other birds, as well as a wide variety of aquatic life. EarthShare New England helps the MRWC through its Employee Workplace Giving program and provides needed funding for programs that will help with water quality monitoring and other efforts to improve the river’s water quality and become clean and safe.

The MRWC is not funded by federal, state, or local government departments or agencies. It has had success in its programs and research through the help and support of private and government grants, corporate donations, volunteer work, and memberships. Make a difference! Support the MRWC and ESNE, and join in a new era of protecting the river through public and private partnerships to promote a healthy ecosystem. All contributions bring the MRWC steps closer to help making communities healthy and safe!

For more information about the Merrimack River Watershed: Source of Press Release.