Middlesex Community College Criminal Justice Programs prepare students to enter careers in criminal justice agencies and related fields, as well as transfer to bachelor’s degree programs. Spring courses begin Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, and it’s not too late to register.

The Criminal Justice curriculum emphasizes academic and practical approaches to three major areas of criminal justice – police, courts and corrections – while providing students with basic knowledge of legal issues facing practitioners in these fields. Students can also learn important skills, including oral and written communication, interpersonal skill building, and developing an understanding of multicultural issues necessary for working with diverse populations. Several courses offer the opportunity to engage in Service-Learning in the community.

Students may choose from the following programs of study:

The Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Option Associate Degree program is designed for students interested in working as police officers and in other law-enforcement careers. This option provides students with a strong foundation in criminal justice and the opportunity to focus their studies in the areas of law enforcement and policing.

The Criminal Justice – Transfer Option Associate Degree program is designed to prepare students for transfer to bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice. Students develop a strong foundation in criminal justice. Topics covered include, victimology, juvenile justice, corrections and policing. This program is eligible for MassTransfer.

To learn more about MCC’s Criminal Justice Programs, visit https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/criminaljustice/