Middlesex Community College offers FREE Reading, Writing and Math Refresher Workshops for students who want to brush up their skills before taking the College Placement Test. Workshops are offered all summer on the Bedford and Lowell campuses.

“These workshops are a great opportunity for all students to be more successful throughout college,” said Phyllis Gleason, MCC’s Dean of Foundational Studies, First-Year Experience and General Education. “A short two-hour refresher course can help students score higher on the College Placement Test so they can begin classes at their appropriate learning level, preventing them from taking classes they don’t really need – saving time and money.”

MCC’s Reading Refresher Workshop helps students improve their reading skills and testing strategies to improve their score on the Reading Accuplacer Test. Topics covered during this workshop include finding main ideas, locating details, identifying patterns of organization, and making inferences.

The Writing Refresher Workshop helps students improve their writing skills and covers topics such as formulating and supporting strong thesis statements, using appropriate grammar and sentence structure, and developing compelling introductions and conclusions.

MCC’s Math Refresher Workshop reviews basic arithmetic skills, including standard operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages. A review of elementary algebra is also included.

For more information about MCC’s free Reading, Writing, and Math Refresher Workshops or to register, visit https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/admissions/events.aspx or call 1-800-818-3434.