Patrick Mogan Cultural Center

Mogan Cultural Center sponsors cultural events in Lowell.

Patrick J. Mogan created the Mogan Cultural Center as part of the plan for revitalizing the Lowell community. It was established in one of the former boarding houses for the Lowell Mill Girls at Boott Cotton Mills.

Mogan started out as a teacher before he came to Lowell, and he became principal of both the Molloy and Reilly Schools. Later, as superintendent of schools in Lowell, he forever changed the curriculum by adding several innovative programs for students. Through the study of federal funding and grants, Mogan became aware of the advantages of turning Lowell into a National Park. Although it was not readily accepted, Mogan continued fighting to achieve his vision of creating a cultural center that celebrated urban roots and communities, while providing educational programs and historical exhibits.

In 1989, Patrick J. Mogan’s dream became reality, and the Mogan Cultural Center was brought into existence. Today, businesses in the community sponsor both historical displays and educational programs for youth, promoting community diversity and learning. The Mogan Cultural Center features many programs supporting ethnic diversity in dance, music, and folk arts. The Center celebrates and promotes events such as Black History Month, Women’s Week, Puerto Rican Festival, and Native American Pow Wow, among many others.

The Mogan Center also prides itself on undertaking at least one significant project per year oriented towards historical, cultural, or folk-life related discovery. The goal of these projects is to record and document important information for future generations, as well as filling in missing pieces of Lowell’s history. The Mogan Cultural Center also Advertising a program called “Scholar In The City” promoting historical research on the city.

Mogan Cultural Center Address

Mogan Cultural Center
40 French St.
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (978) 970-5000