Learn about the history of quilting at NEQM.

For generations, families have cherished quilts as keepsakes; they tell stories and bring back memories of treasured time spent with loved ones. Some quilts take years to complete, sewing in scraps of fabric to relay messages of family and warmth to siblings, children, and grandchildren for years to come.

The New England Quilt Museum has dedicated itself to preserving and exhibiting the artistry of quilts and the art of quilt making. This takes place both in galleries of antique quilts and in special seminars on the art of quilt making, helping to keep this art alive.

Since opening in a former bank building in 1987, the New England Quilt Museum has persevered through financial struggles. Through the twenty years that it has been open for business, it only fairly recently became able to purchase quilts for its galleries, and now they have nearly two hundred quilts currently on display at the Museum. The galleries of the Museum are located on the second floor, where visitors can find rooms dedicated to bringing to life a particular period of American history with vivid quilts being center stage.

Along with the Museum is the New England Quilt Museum Library, which provides books on quilt making, quilt-related fiction as well as videos. The library offers current quilt related periodicals, it and gives visitors an opportunity to try quilt-making computer software. The community of quilt makers can find a wealth of features at the Museum, in addition to its galleries, displays, and library. Preserving traditional quilting through productive and fun methods are a priority that the New England Quilt Museum proudly undertakes.

The NEQM is the primary supporter of the Lowell Quilt Festival, which takes place in early August.  One of the main purposes of the Festival is to raise funds to support the Museum to help keep the quilt making tradition alive for generations to come.

There are many restaurants and other Lowell attractions located near the museum in Downtown Lowell. If you spend an afternoon exploring the cobblestone streets of Downtown Lowell, you need to stop by the Quilt Museum. Whether you are a collector of quilts or not, this is one Lowell, MA attraction that shouldn’t be missed.

New England Quilt Museum Address

New England Quilt Museum
18 Shattuck St.
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (978) 452-4207