Revolving Museum

Revolving Museum is the most unique museum in Lowell.

Art can be made anywhere at anytime with anybody.” This quote from Revolving Museum founder Jerry Beck epitomizes what the museum is all about. Jerry grew up in southern Florida, and he attended college at Florida State University in Tallahassee. During his time there, Beck became a cultural and political activist, and afterwards, he began to pursue his career as an artist. Beck later founded the the not-for-profit Revolving Museum.

From 1984 through 2002, the Revolving Museum was a nomadic enterprise, based primarily in Boston. It went from one derelict location to another, spreading a wide and long path of creativity from one city to the next. The Museum did this by collaboratively turning historic buildings or run-down parks into artistic outlets for both famed artists and local volunteering community members.

After spending eighteen years on the road, the Revolving Museum was offered a permanent home in Lowell, MA. The invitation was to move into one of the most coveted historic buildings in Lowell, the historic Lowell Gas & Light building, which was originally built in 1859. After four months, the Revolving Museum moved forward and presented an exhibit entitled, “Home-Made: Pioneers & Public Art” at their new location.

During its time in Lowell, the Revolving Museum has received the benefits of grants and donations from local business owners and foundations for the arts. These and other sources have enabled the Museum to provide exceptional programming to the local public. “TAG,” or Teen Arts Group, is a program run by the Museum’s that encourages and provides an outlet for artistic ability for the Lowell’s youth. Museum staff members work with students to help them produce art projects of their own, all the while helping the students to develop strong social skills.

There have been fifteen major exhibits while the Revolving Museum has been in Lowell, each of which has been seen by hundreds of people. This non-profit establishment has extended many social values to Lowell’s youth, involved the city in its own restoration, and is one of the key forces behind the revitalization of Lowell and it’s Downtown neighborhood, although the Museum recently moved to the Western Avenue Studios complex.

In 2007, the Revolving Museum was the recipient of the Massachusetts Cultural Council Commonwealth Award in the Community category, which honored the Museum’s integration of the arts, humanities or sciences into the city of Lowell.

This is one cool art Museum – unlike any other in the world, and you should plan to see it when you visit Lowell, Massachusetts.

Update – The Revolving Museum has closed.

Revolving Museum Address

Western Ave. Studios
122 Western Ave. Suite 350
Lowell, MA 01851

Phone: (978) 937-2787