Merrimack Valley Food Bank

MVFB is a non-profit organization in Lowell.

Founded in 1991, Merrimack Valley Food Bank (MVFB) is a Lowell, MA non-profit organization that provides food and personal care items to community organizations that service low income, homeless, and hungry people in the Merrimack Valley region. MVFB is one of four food banks in the state of Massachusetts that services organizations such as food pantries, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens throughout the state.

Merrimack Valley Food Bank looks to the community to assist with volunteer activities. Volunteer opportunities include inspecting and sorting donated non-perishable food, organizing the storage area, conducting neighborhood or work food drives, assisting during the setup of the Community Market Program, assembling bags of food for the Mobile Pantry Program, “Plant a Row” Program where people designate a row of vegetables in their garden for MVFB, and other special volunteer activities.

MVFB also relies on financial support from the community. Large companies in the area are frequent donors, and individuals and families are also encouraged to support the organization with a financial contribution or a donation of non-perishable food items. Donations can be made online, and food items can be dropped off at the MVFB during working hours.

MVFB Mission Statement

The focus of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank is to help meet a person’s most profound need — adequate nutrition and freedom from hunger. Only through cooperative efforts can society initiate change develop strategies to alleviate hunger and work toward the well being of all people.

It is a basic human need to have adequate access to an environment conducive to well-being, which includes food, shelter and clothing. For most of us, food is readily available at nearby stores. The ease with which food can be acquired can make us take for granted how vital food is to our well-being.

Merrimack Valley Food Bank Address:

Merrimack Valley Food Bank
735 Broadway St.
Lowell, MA 01854

Phone: (978) 454-7272