Sons of Liberty Publishing announce Lowell-based detective series.

Sons of Liberty Publishing announces Lowell, Massachusetts-based detective series, “Chasing Curves”

Sons of Liberty Publishing is pleased to announce the second book in the Ronan Marino Mystery series “Chasing Curves” has been released following the successful 2009 release of “Two Redheads & A Dead Blonde.” The series primarily takes place in Lowell and surrounding towns and cities.

Written by local author and UML grad Lloyd L. Corricelli, the series follows the adventures of Air Force veteran and private eye Ronan Marino; the “best that money can’t buy.” It features many well known local locations such as the Kerouac Memorial and Tsongas Arena. Fans of hardboiled detective novels and those who like to read about local places will enjoy these novels.

“Reads like it was written with a set of brass knuckles…and delivers with the force of a Mickey Ward punch.” –David Daniel, author of White Rabbit, Reunion and The Marble Kite on the first Ronan Marino Mystery “Two Redheads & A Dead Blonde.”

For more information, go to the books’ website:

Both books are available at Amazon and at the downtown Barnes & Noble Booksellers.