Interview with Jeanne Osborn, President & CEO, GLCC

Jeanne Osborn is the President and CEO of the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce. In her role, Jeanne must fundraise, market, communicate and represent the Chamber at all functions, as well as partner with other community organizations to assist with their fundraising, marketing, public relations and communications. Jeanne is responsible for organizing Chamber events, both to help promote the Chamber and help promote business in the Greater Lowell area.

In addition to her efforts with the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce, Jeanne is also founder of the women’s organization, W.I.S.E. (Women Inspiring Success and Empowerment). The organization’s mission is to “unite business women, both private and non-profit, in the service of empowering all to succeed through mentoring, guidance and support, and to affirm no woman stands alone.

Jeanne is also affiliated with several local organizations, including Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council, Northern Middlesex Economic Development District, Inc., Rape Crisis Service of Greater Lowell, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, Workforce Investment, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell, Big Brother, Big Sister of Greater Lowell, The Lowell Plan, and Lowell General Hospital.

Interview If a business was thinking about relocating to Lowell, what would you tell them to convince them that Lowell is a great place to run a business?

Jeanne Osborn: Lowell offers tax incentives to businesses that locate their business in the renewal community and also offers tax breaks to those who employ workers who live in the renewal community. How does Lowell today compare to the city 10 years ago?

Jeanne Osborn: Lowell has grown tremendously with revitalized housing for professional and those who are artists with work and live space. Also, new restaurants and retail stores. You can “think globally, eat locally” with all the different ethnic restaurant selections. Many festivals that lure visitors from all over the country, art festivals, film festivals. What is your favorite hidden gem in Lowell?

Jeanne Osborn: MRT (Merrimack Repertory Theatre) – great place to see plays What does life in Lowell mean to you?

Jeanne Osborn: There is a lot to like about Lowell for a reason. It has it all – food, art, sports, theatre and more! If someone comes to Lowell for a conference and can only spend a few hours sightseeing, what places of interest would you recommend that they visit?

Jeanne Osborn: National park, museums as we are very proud that Lowell was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the history is rich. What is the biggest challenge that the Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce is currently facing, and how can Lowell residents help the Chamber overcome this challenge?

Jeanne Osborn: Foot traffic to keep the downtown businesses profitable. Residents of Lowell and the surrounding communities need to help support our local economy. Jeanne, Thank you for your time and for supporting good business in the Greater Lowell area!