Lowell Back Central

Back Central is known to Lowell residents as "The Flats."

Back Central is a neighborhood that borders Downtown Lowell and the Concord River, and it is better known to residents as The Flats. It also has the nickname of Chapel Hill because of the number of churches that were built in the neighborhood. Back Central was one of the first residential neighborhoods in Lowell after the Locks and Canals Company, Lowell’s major corporation for both real estate and water energy, provided land for city workers to build homes.

Architectural diversity can be found in Back Central. The Colburn School is known for its use of Greek Revival architecture, and the Hocum Hosford House is known for its use of Italian architectural design. Other examples of noteworthy architecture are the Asahel Puffer house and Samuel Wood house, each known for its roof, which are classic examples of centuries-old French architecture. Additionally, because of the rapid development of homes in the area, many of the neighborhoods look very similar, sharing Greek Revival and Italian Styles of architecture.

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Back Central Parks and Recreation:

  • Father Grillo Park
  • Hales Brook
  • Oliveria Park
  • Rotary Park
  • South Common

Back Central Historic Landmarks:

  • Walmesit Canal-Whipple Mill
  • Colburn School
  • Butler School