Belvidere Neighborhood

Belvidere means "beautiful to behold in Italian."

Belvidere, which means “beautiful to behold” in Italian, was not originally part of Lowell until it was annexed in 1832. The neighborhood occupies an area between the Merrimack and Concord Rivers, with the city of Tewskbury, Massachusetts off to the east. It was developed into Belvidere Village after Judge Edward Livermore purchased the 160 acre Gedney Farm, an area which he found to be mesmerizing.

Livermore wasn’t the only one to find the area beautiful. After its annexation to the city was finalized in 1834, John and Thomas Nesmith arrived in Belvidere, and they saw the same beauty in the area. The Nesmiths bought Judge Livermore’s estate, and they hired Alexander Wadsworth to design the area. Wadsworth began laying out street and lot plans for what would later be Washington Square, one of the oldest (and nicest) residential areas in Lowell.

In 1916, Freeman Ballard Shedd granted land to the city in the Belvidere neighborhood, specifically designated to be a playground. Almost a century old, Shedd Park still exists as a historic landmark. It is one of the many parks the Belvidere Neighborhood Association is actively working to restore. Other projects the BNA plans to work on include Rogers Fort Hill Park and the Oakland Fire Station. The BNA also manages numerous other community renovation projects. Although Belvedere has been modernized, it still holds much of its historical charm, and Belvedere still has some of the most beautiful homes in Lowell, MA. has a handy real estate guide for properties in the Belvidere neighborhood, as well as the Yellow Pages.

Belvidere Parks and Recreation:

  • Alumni Field
  • Cawley Park
  • Fayette Street Playground
  • Kitterage Park
  • Knott Park
  • Shedd Park
  • Rogers Fort Hill Park
  • Belvidere Historic Landmarks:

  • Oakland Fire Station
  • Rogers Fort Hill Park
  • Shedd Park