The Lowell Acre

Coalition for a Better Acre is working to improve the Acre.

The Acre started out as just that – a single acre of land set aside by its benefactors. Some say the Acre grew from a piece of land granted by the Locks and Canal Company for St. Patrick’s Church to be built, while others claim it was a scheme for reducing the high population of Irish in Downtown Lowell. Either way, what started as a single acre of rustic huts and poor Irish, grew to be a more densely populated area and a haven to thousands of European and Asian immigrants.

In the early 1800’s, St. Patrick’s Church was built on this piece of land located just outside of Downtown Lowell. As a result of the construction of this Irish Catholic church, many Irish immigrants made their way to the neighborhood to find work, along with immigrants from Scotland and England.  Gradually, as more people moved into the area and built homes, stores and schools, the single acre grew into an entire neighborhood. As the population grew, the area was dubbed “the Acre,” and the name stuck.

After the Acre suffered through the Depression, federally funded housing developments were built to help support local residents and spur economic growth. Derelict buildings were cleared away to make room for these housing projects, drawingt immigrants seeking more affordable living in the area, helping to create ethnic diversity that is much more varied than anywhere else in the city of Lowell. Today, the Coalition for a Better Acre is working in conjunction with the city government and Acre residents to beautify and preserve the Acre. can help you find real estate information for apartments and homes in the Acre neighborhood. The Yellow Pages can help you find local business to renovate your home.

Acre Parks and Recreation:

  • Adams Park
  • Barlett Field
  • Cross Street Park
  • Francis Gate Park
  • Harmony Park
  • Moody Street Playground
  • North Common
  • Olga Nieves Playground
  • Western Canal