Lowell, Massachusetts is home to 8 diverse neighborhoods.

The historic city of Lowell, Massachusetts has a vibrant history that can be easily seen in the architectural design of homes and buildings throughout the city’s eight neighborhoods. Lowell’s neighborhoods are all unique, and provides detailed historic information about each of them.

Lowell’s neighborhoods are home to many well preserved parks and fields that can still be enjoyed today as they were decades ago. One of the nicest things about Lowell is that the older architecture is still present to this day in nearly every neighborhood. While there are plenty of new homes in the area, each neighborhood is home to different types of housing opportunities – from multi-family homes to grand Victorian homes.

If you are considering a move to the area, makes it easy to find Lowell homes for sale. If you are looking to renovate your home in Lowell, find local contractors and construction companies, or even decorate your home, you can find local businesses in the Yellow Pages. Let take you on a tour through Lowell’s diverse neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods in Lowell:

The Acre
Back Central
Downtown Lowell
Lowell Highlands
South Lowell