Rogers Ft. Hill Park

Pillars in Rogers Fort Hill Park. (Photo Source)

Rogers Fort Hill Park in Lowell, Massachusetts has approximately 11 acres of grass, a fountain, paths and gardens, and 23 acres of woods. There are Heritage trees in the park, including Beach trees, Japanese and Sugar Maples and even a Camperdown Elm. The park is surrounded by a diverse neighborhood (RogersĀ Fort Hill Park Neighborhood District), with many Victorian multi- and single-family homes.

Today, the park is being restored to its former glory. The vision is to bring back the features of the original design. Part of the lower park is already restored, and, in time, a restored Spring House at the base of the hill, and benches and walkways will grace the park land. There will also be a west side pergola.

The park will have a commemorative garden, to recognize the original settlers of the area, who were Native Americans. It will also commemorate the life of Senator Paul Tsongas, who is dedicated to the park. The park will be linked to a Greenway and a Blueway trail system, with a stairway down to the river. There will also be a play fort for kids and a restored Spring House.

The park’s name comes from the Pennecook Nation’s Pawtucket Indian tribe. Chief Wannalancit, who was the son of Sachem, Passaconaway, started a fort at the hill’s summit, to protect the land from the Mohawks. Since that day, the land has been known as Fort Hill.

In the 1900’s, the park had activities, including a zoo, and winter carnivals. The park slipped into a decline in 1960, however, because of budget cuts, but this trend is being reversed with the help of the City of Lowell and many volunteers. The Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

The Friends of Rogers Fort Hill Park is a non-profit group of volunters who work with the Parks Department and the city, to help keep the park maintained. They care for eighteen gardens, take care of trees, improve areas, and pick up litter. In fact, they have planted 1300+ perennials to enhance the gardens. Some of these plants were purchased with Friends funds and some were donated by individuals.

Rogers Fort Hill Park Address

Rogers Fort Hill Park
53 Park Ave East
Lowell, MA

Friends of Rogers Fort Hill Park Address

The Friends of Rogers Fort Hill Park
P.O Box 8819
Lowell, MA 01853