Suitability in Lowell

SuitAbility provides women with professional clothing.

SuitAbility is a non-profit organization in Lowell, Massachusetts that was created to assist women from low income backgrounds in finding jobs and careers. SuitAbility offers women job advice, support services, career assistance, and most importantly, appropriate professional interview and work clothing that may be difficult to afford without having the job income they are seeking.

SuitAbility is committed to helping women become self-sufficient by bridging the gap that exists between job training programs and employment. Too often, women with the appropriate job skills can not afford the clothing that is typical of a job interview, and as a result, they are turned down for the position. It isn’t fair for a qualified woman to be turned down for a job simply because she cannot afford the proper professional attire, and SuitAbility gives women this clothing and the newly found confidence that comes with owning it.

SuitAbility accepts donations of new women’s clothing, donations of gently worn clothing, and financial contributions. Additionally, the organization is also looking for people to volunteer their time to help find clothing for women in need, give employment advice and workshops, and help organizing the donated clothing. SuitAbility is a part of Community Teamwork, Inc. of Lowell, Massachusetts.

This is one group that is helping women in Lowell, Massachusetts dress for success.

SuitAbility Address

101 Paige Street
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (978) 934-8898