SuitAbility a non-profit organization in Lowell, Massachusetts that was created to assist women from low income backgrounds in finding jobs and careers, has announced a new venture – SuitAble Impressions. In this new venture, SuitAble Impressions will sell women’s clothing that couldn’t be used by SuitAbility at very reasonable prices.

Inventory overages, evening wear, and other women’s clothing and accessories that aren’t workplace-appropriate will be sold to women at below retail prices to help enhance their wardrobes in a cost effective manner. SuitAble Impressions will be open on Thursday evenings and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm.

The new venture is designed to raise money for SuitAbility, which relies upon financial contributions and donations of new or gently worn clothing from corporations and individuals in Lowell, MA.

SuitAbility offers women job advice, support services, career assistance, and most importantly, appropriate professional interview and work clothing that may be difficult to afford without having the job income they are seeking. SuitAbility is committed to helping women become self-sufficient by bridging the gap that exists between job training programs and employment.

For more information about Suitable Impressions or SuitAbility, visit SuitAbility’s website, or call (978) 934-8898.