Mark Wahlberg

"The Fighter" opens in Lowell on December 9.

“The Fighter” opens at a special world premier screening in Lowell, Massachusetts on December 9

Lowell, MA – “The Fighter” stars Mark Wahlberg portraying real life early ‘90s welterweight boxer “Irish” Micky Ward from Lowell, Massachusetts. Wahlberg’s character Micky isn’t as well regarded as that of his half-brother, Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale). While Dicky is known around town as “The Pride of Lowell” for knocking out Sugar Ray Leonard before being defeated, Micky is known only as a “stepping stone.”

While he turns to his family for management and support, Micky’s desire for fame descends into confusion. His older brother trains him, and he follows Dicky’s instruction carefully. Unfortunately, Dicky is a substance abuser. His abrasive, chain-smoking manager mother Alice drinks profusely while basking in the glow of her older son’s residual fame.

Local barmaid Charlene (Amy Adams) comes along with aspirations of helping Micky sort things out even though her own life is less than ideal. Micky must navigate the commotion around him to make his dream happen. Surrounded by chaos and drama, Mickey discovers that he must ultimately rely on himself instead of the flawed people around him for his champion transformation to begin.

Despite the echoed theme of the underdog achieving his dream within a course setting, the film is about the dark realities of fame. “The Fighter” covers new ground within the sports drama genre.

“The Fighter” arrives first at Lowell, Massachusetts Showcase Cinemas on December 9, 2010 for a special screening before opening in other theaters on Friday, December 10, 2010.