Leadership team

Experience in a technical role is only ever part of the story. We’re looking for people with transferable skills from other industries to challenge us and help us grow. If you’re an experienced leader, or manager looking for the next step up, and think your experience could make us better, get in touch, we’d like to know how.

Decision Science

Our Decision Science team is focused on understanding, measuring, and predicting consumer financial behaviour. The team comprises business analysts, statisticians, and quantitative scientists dedicated to addressing our most challenging analytic problems. They use mathematics, psychology, economics, and raw business acumen to support the needs of our business.


Our legal team provides two key services to make sure we operate effectively, efficiently and ethically: commercial contract support, and consumer law advisors. As part of our Legal team you’ll understand not just the letter of the law but its spirit, helping us develop customer-centred solutions to difficult and sensitive issues.


Our third line of defence, Audit provide the safety net that makes sure that the controls and processes we put in place to manage risks are used and work effectively. Their role is critically important as we grow and change, and as the regulatory environment around us does too.

Risk and Compliance

We don’t just want to comply with regulations, we want to go beyond them – to be better than the rest. As part of our Risk and Compliance teams you can help us keep ahead regulation with policies and practices that set the standard and put customers first.


We are constantly evolving, developing and adapting what we do and how we do it to be the best for our customers and clients. Making sure that happens in an effective, coordinated way is essential – this is why our Change team is so important to our future success.

Digital & IT

Our digital transformation is one of our most important change programmes. We’re changing how our colleagues work and how we deliver services for our customers and clients now, and looking to the future for the next big thing. From websites to widgets and from laptops to local area networks, you’ll be making life easier, faster, and better for everyone.


The People team are here to make sure life at Lowell delivers the right combination of challenge, communication, structure, development and reward to make you feel the valued part of the Lowell team that you are.


Every successful business needs to manage its finances well. Our Finance Team make sure we set the right budgets and stick to them to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for our clients, our customers and our shareholders.


We’ve got a great story to tell – we saw that there was a better way to do collections: a customer-focused way, and we’ve grown a respected, successful business doing it. As part of our Marketing team you can help us engage with our customers and clients better – so that we can help more of them find the right support and solutions to their problems.